8 Build-Your-Own Solar Powered Toys

Ah, the sun.

Back when I was a kid a sunny day meant playing in the sprinkler or selling lemonade, but powering my toys? That was something unheard of!

Solar power has been growing in the past couple years and now it’s made a jump to the toy market. These toys use the sun’s energy instead of batteries, so no more running out of juice or charging batteries for hours!

Well we’ve all seen hydrogen-fuel-cell racing cars, and now there are solar-powered toys as well!

Solar HelicopterSolar Powered Helicopter Kit

This is a build-it-yourself solar powered model.

You assemble it with glue (included) and the rotor will spin in sunlight! It doesn’t actually fly (which would be really cool, I might add) but it’s a great wooden model kit enhanced by solar power.

This kit sells for about $25

Solar WindmillSolar Powered Windmill Kit

This is similar to the helicopter kit, it’s a build-it-yourself model.

This one comes with all the parts and the glue to put it together and the blades rotate in the sun! Another great model kit enhanced by solar power.

This also retails for about $25.

Solarion Demilition CruisersSolarion Demolition Cruisers

This kits allows you to build two different solar powered models.

You can build a harvester or a drill out of the included metal and plastic pieces and then bring it to life with the included solar panel and motor. You can even use the 113 included pieces to build your own solar-powered creation!

This one sells for about $20.

Solarion Demilition CruisersSolarion Ultimate Builder

This one is a bit on an upgrade over the previous model kit.

This kit allows you to build a whole bunch of cool solar-powered creations, it has over 500 pieces (538 to be exact). You can build tractors, trucks, helicopters, even a model person riding an eco-friendly bike. All of these creations can be powered by the included motor and solar panel, and can be built, taken apart, and rebuilt again.

This one costs about $40.

Amphibious Solar VehicleAmphibious Solar Vehicle

This is another solar-powered kit, but it’s more than just a model!

This kit allows you to make an amphibious solar vehicle, its like a solar-powered boat! This kit also allows you to switch between solar and battery power, so even at night you can still have power, it’s like a hybrid-boat.

This kit retails for around $50.

Solar Power LabSolar Science Lab

Rather than build one or two solar powered toys, this one gives you over 30 different eco-friendly, solar powered activities!

This kit contains a parabolic reflector, mirror, test tube, magnifying glass, electric motor, thermometer, solar cell and a whole bunch of other solar-related tools and gadgets.

This is a great way to teach kids about solar power, as it has a bunch of fun activities for kids to play with. You can cook and egg, create weather, or even power a cell-phone with solar technology.

This kit costs about $25.

Solar Power Lab 2Sun Power Lab Kit

Another big boxes lab kit, this one has over 25 different experiments.

This kit includes a solar collector and a solar heater, as well as instructions to conduct various experiments. This is another great way for kids to use their creativity to investigate solar power.

This kit retails for about $15.

Solar WorkshopPhysics Solar Workshop

This solar workshop includes parts for over 12 models and 30 experiements.

This workshop includes elements of physics as well. You can optimize how the solar power is used, as well as how gears work and how they can help transfer energy, which will help kids learn about work and energy.

Some of the models you can build include a solar-powered tractor, truck, treaded vehicle, car, elevator, drawbridge, fan, airplane, mobile crane and construction crane.

It includes 320 parts which are also compatible with other physics kits.

This workshop retails for about $50.


These models are great ways to teach children about solar power, and they’re also a whole lot of fun! The kits will allow kids to build a bunch of different models, as well as use their creativity to create their own!

Toys have certainly come a long way since my day, I’ll just might start building some solar powered models too!

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