Windspire: Practical Backyard Windpower


The Windspire is is a practical, quiet green energy device, and could just get a shot as mass consumer adoption.

It’s a 1 kW, vertical-rotating, bird friendly wind turbine. It super quiet at 25 db, “the average noise of a residential neighborhood at night”, which is great for residential uses.

It’s a bit expensive at $4,000, but it can produce up to 2,000 kWh per year. It’s a great way to offset some of your grid-power with all-natural, sustainable wind power.

Bird friendliness is also important to this design. You’re not going to hurt any animals using this, and in a residential environment with lots of birds, that’s crucial.

All-in-all this is a brilliant design that could really get some consumer attention if it was a bit cheaper. The low noise is great for a residential environment, and it’s small enough to fit in an average backyard as well. Most importantly, it’s bird friendly so you’ll take care of your local wildlife as well as the global climate.


via Treehugger