HYmini Wind Power Gadget Charger

HYmini Wind Power Gadget Charger

 Solar gadget chargers are a dime a dozen, some are better than others, but they’re all the same basic idea.

Well let me introduce you to another take on green gadget charging: wind power. The HYmini wind power charger uses wind, the often forgotten green technology, to generate electricity to charge your devices. Perfect addition to your bike, car, or even your backpack on a windy day.

It can even be used at night!

Treehugger sums up all the performance information in a quote from Swept Away Media:

“Spend an hour outside in the sun with HYmini and you’ll get enough power for 2 full hours of MP3 playtime. Ride your bike for an hour, with HYmini strapped on your arm, or mounted on the handlebars, and you’ll have enough power for over 50 digital photos or about 15 extra minutes on your cell phone. Mount HYmini on a car window, drive about 40 MPR, and you’ll generate enough power to listen to over 8 hours of music on your MP3 or chat on your cell for over 40 minutes.”

Not bad for free energy!

Of course, if you’re riding your bike, you’ll get power as long as you’re moving. Great way to soundtrack a bike ride!

via Treehugger & EcoGeek

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