Maglev Wind Turbines = 1000 Normal Wind Turbines!

maglev turbine

What a brilliant idea! A new type of wind turbines is in development that uses Maglev technology. Maglev, or magnetic levitation uses powerful magnets to lift and “suspend” objects in mid-air. The technology is used in high-speed “maglev” trains which can reach 900 km/h.

These maglev wind turbines are reported to produce 1 gigawatt of electricity, making them roughly equal to 1000 traditional wind turbines. They are much more efficient than traditional turbines, no doubt a result of minimizing friction with maglev. These turbines can power aprox. 750 thousand home, cost 50% less to operate, and take up about 100 acre, compared to about 64,000 acres for a 1000 turbine wind farm.

With the introduction of maglev wind turbines, we could be seeing wind power become more widespread, and much cheaper to use and operate.

A turbine for every city? Could be the way of the future.

via EcoFuss