Solar-Powered Digital Pocket Scale

Digital Pocket Scale

How freakin’ cool is this: a portable digital pocket scale powered by SOLAR! Why would you need to carry around a tiny scale that can measure grams and ounces? Well… I’ll leave that up to your imagination, heh.

This tiny scale weighs only 1 pound, and measures 3.8″L x 3.8″W x 1″H. It can measure up to 250g, in increments of 0.1g, perrrfect. And yes, it’s 100% solar powered!

So whatever you’re measuring this Solar Powered Digital Pocket scale will do it without the need to ever replace the batteries! That sure comes in handy when you really really need to measure something.

The ultimate hippy piece of technology? Possibly.

You can buy this from amazon for under $25

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