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Cars are getting greener all the time, but still nothing compares to the good ol’ bicycle. Unfortunately, most bikes don’t come with nearly as many cool gadgets as most cars or trucks. GPS, Speedometers, Clocks, Radios, all cool gadgets that motorists enjoy and bicyclists often have to deal without.

Sure, we can all claim we don’t need these extra gadgets, but I doubt the average bicyclists would turn them down if they were available. Well, if some extra gadgets sound good to you, your prayers have been answered.

This is the Cerevellum, and ultra-cool information center for your bike. It provides many of the features available on a car, but all in a small package easily attachable for your bike (just be sure to lock it up! This thing would be quite attractive to thieves).

The Cerevellum “base unit” is a mini-computer that would attach to your handlebars, you can then attach up to 4 different modules using the base unit’s 4 USB connections.

So what features can you get with the Cerevellum? There are 6 different modules that can be added to the base unit.

Hindsight is one of the coolest modules. It brings the rear-view mirror on a car to your bike. Hindsight includes a small camera that is placed either on your handlebars (facing backward) or on the back of your bike. It feeds information to the base-unit, and a live video feed from behind your bike is displayed on the base unit’s screen.

Cerevellum: Hindsight

Another module is the Cycle Computer. This module provides a whole bunch of important information generally displayed in a car’s dashboard. In addition to an ever-so-convenient clock, information such as the bike’s speed, maximum speed and average speed is calculated and displayed on the base unit’s screen. It will also keep track of total distance, like a car’s odometer, as well as a trip odometer, allowing you to measure how far you went on a certain trip.

Cerevellum: Computer

The Power meter module allows you to measure “power”. While I’m not exactly sure what they mean by “power” it does mention that this module will display specific work-outs, and will graph power over time. This leads me to believe that this module helps in bike training, showing how hard you should peddle for a specific workout. Anyone else know more about what a “power meter” is? Research on the Saris CycleOps website and ErgoMo gave me little information as to what they actually did.

Cerevellum: Power Meter

Another module is the Heart-rate monitor. What a brilliant idea! This module shows your current heart rate, allowing you to speed up or slow down based on your target training heart rate, as well as showing if you’re working yourself a bit too hard.

Cerevellum: Heart Rate Monitor

Finally, there is a super-cool GPS module. Just like you’d expect, it provides your current location and a map just like any other car-mounted or handheld GPS device. You’ll be able to see and plan your routes, and buttons on the side will zoom in and out. What a useful idea!

Cerevellum: GPS

These are just a couple of the modules currently available, although I’m sure more will be developed in the future (although what else would you need?!).

The Cerevellum is a brilliant device bringing all of the features enjoyed by motorists to your bike.

Now if only we could get a heated enclosure for the winter…

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  1. Power measurement is popular especially with racers… it shows how much power you’re putting out either at the cranks or the rear wheel. Because wind, terrain, temperature, etc., even heart rate, vary from ride to ride, power is seen as a good empirical measurement of your exercise. Usually measured in watts.

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