The Kill-a-watt is a home energy monitor designed for assessing how much electricity a certain appliance or electronic uses.

Unlike some other home energy monitors we’ve covered, the Kill-a-watt monitors one outlet, not your entire home. This allows you to see how much electricity a certain appliance or set of electronics uses by plugging them directly into the outlet on the front of the Kill-a-watt.

The screen will be right above the outlet, so it’s not exactly convenient for long term use either, however this is not intended as a permanent monitor anyway.

Assessing your appliances or electronics can help you locate sources of power drain by selectively plugging in suspected culprits. One advantage over full-house energy monitors.

The Kill-A-Watt comes with a bunch of analysis features as well. It allows you to forecast how much an appliance or electronic is going to cost you based on it’s current wattage. If you do want to use it  in a permanent location, it has a cumulative kilowatt-hour monitor as well. It’s accuracy is rated at within 0.2%.

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